Dancers, artists and lovers

In eleven chapters written by art history professors, dance historians, music historians, theatre scholars and choreographers, the story about Ballets Suédois is told. Dancers, artists and lovers can be ordered via email to

Price: Opening offer 295 SEK (regular price 450 SEK).
Language: English.
Text: Erik Mattsson, Eva-Sofi Ernstell, Sofie Rohde, Karin Helander, Charlotta Nordström, Karen Vedel, John Potvin, Petter Jacobsson, Tom Caley, Mathias Auclair, Frank Claustrat, Karin Dietrich.
Editor: Erik Mattsson.

In collaboration with Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing, Dansmuseet is releasing an anniversary book about the Ballets Suédois in Paris.

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